Flamboyage results are beautiful.

by Le Modern Trinket on December 15, 2011

I love my job as a hairstylist. I love it when a client comes in an wants to switch up their look and do something completely different. So, in comes one of my clients whom back in Setember after returning from the Davines trainers update training I was raving about a new Davines coloring technique that I learned called Flamboyage. Flamboyage is the technique whilst Flamboyance is the collection by the Davines Art Director Angelo Seminara. Totally excited about this new modern way of coloring the hair  tool and the results I couldn’t wait to offer this service to my clients. So, with that said I finally got some of the Flamboyage Meche strips in for short hair and my client Holly was first on the list to get this service done. We have talked about it for months and have waited for months for the Meche  strips to arrive in the distributors office. This was the first client that I used the Flamboyage Meche strips on other than working in demos and classes. The thing I love most about the end result is the seamless color effect. The depth of the color and the contrast is unlike the end results obtained by using coloring techniques like Ombre, Balayage or Highlighting the hair.  No matter how fine of highlighting technique one has to make it seem natural you can still tell that it is highlighted hair. For this I feel that many clients have been wanting to do Ombre and Balayage. With the new Flamboyage the results are natural and seamless. With my client Holly she wanted to tone with a more funner shade so I mixed up a few shades to obtain the end goal

Application was simple watch this Davines video on how it’s done so you can get a better idea as to how we perform this service. I pre-lightened the hair which with these Flamboyage Meche strips you can watch either the lightner (bleach) or color process. Once I got her hair to the desired level I toned her hair at the shampoo bowl. The time took just a little longer than if i were to weave someones hair but not very much longer. Now, we wanted to see more of a bold color so once I applied the Meche strip on I really pressed on the strip with the tail comb to pick up more hair. It’s a creative tool which allows the stylist to get creative.  I love it and I am VERY excited to get more of the Meche strips in. I will get more in January. Curious about Flamboyage? Book a compleneterty consultation today with me at gods&heros salon 714.557.1691.  For more updates, events, pics and offers follow me on  these social networks. Facebook Yelp, Twitter and Foursquare.


Lori December 15, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Yay! Cannot wait for the long-hair meche to arrive — I’ll be the first in line! :)

Le Modern Trinket December 16, 2011 at 12:30 am

You will LOVE IT!!! :) Will you be going to Miami next month for the World Wide Hair Tour?

Cheri April 10, 2012 at 6:13 am

Will Flamboyage work for Ombre hair colouring?

Le Modern Trinket April 11, 2012 at 7:55 am

It sure will. I do it all the time. Here is a bit more on Flamboyage. You can click on the contact link to locate a distributor in your area who can introduce you to Davines and you can learn more about Flamboyage and learn more on demos. I am teaching one this morning. http://davines.com/flamboyage/

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